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Atelier Max Lipsey is the workshop of Max Lipsey, an American designer based in Eindhoven, The Netherlands.


After receiving a BA at New York University, he graduated the Design Academy Eindhoven Bachelors in 2007. His studio, since 2008, has been a personal platform to develop and self-produce his own designs, work with companies on mass production, and reach out to initiate group projects.


Max's work follows his own fascinations with nature, material, craft, history, and making…and translating these fascinations into an object.  After an intellectually based education in the US, Max has been delving into a more intuitive, hands on way of working...letting his ideas come from interactions with material and observations in the moment rather than an intellectual structure. Through this way of working, he strives to find more authentic, surprising ideas.


Max's biggest design goal is to challenge what we make industrially to be more spontaneous and vital.


De Greefstraat 6d

5622 GJ Eindhoven

The Netherlands


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