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Steel Vessels

‘Steel Vessel’ brings the weight and quality of a steel industrial part into a home environment.


The form is re-purposed from a ‘vessel head’, a part produced for pressurized gas tanks. It’s a deep drawn, 4mm steel piece, made using an enormous press and tooling. Normally, producing such a part would be beyond the bounds of a small studio scale, but re-purposing the parts from an existing industry alllows them to be made affordably.


While the curve of the bowl originally had the purpose of distributing pressures evenly in the tank, the soft, attractive shape makes it a perfect vessel for objects around the house. The light, welded wire support, is designed to compliment and support the vessel head.



Colors: black, white and olive green



300mm - 180 euros

400mm - 220 euros

500mm - 250 euros



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